Camp Jobs Change Lives

Summer Camp and Outdoor Education staff talk about how their jobs at camp have made them better people, better professionals, and better parents.

Be part of Katie's Interview Project

What did you learn about leadership from your camp supervisors?

What did camp leaders do to create a community of support and autonomy?

What leadership strengths did you learn at camp and how did you use them?

How has working at camp changed your life, personally or professionally?

best leadership (and life) training in the world

Interview Project 

I've worked at many summer camps and outdoor education programs around the country.  In the 12 years I worked year-round in the field, only a few places were phenomenal enough to bring me back season after season.  All of these had a few things in common: a strong and inspiring leader, a mix of autonomy and support, a challenging and rewarding job, and personal growth for me as a leader.  This blog is for you: the camp leaders of the past and future.  What is your camp job teaching you about leadership? How has it changed your life?

I'm interviewing camp leaders (day and resident summer camps, wilderness trip programs, and outdoor environmental education programs) to find out more about the meaning in their work.  If you'd like to share your story about what working at camp means to you, let me know!

Here are the questions for which I'm seeking answers:

What does your leader/supervisor do and say to inspire confidence in your abilities?  How do they set up a community of support and autonomy?

What are your leadership strengths and how do you use them? 

How has working at camp made you a better leader, professional, and person?