Transform Your Staff

Do you see your staff as a commodity or an investment?

Increase staff communication, autonomy, ownership, trust, & commitment

Improve staff confidence, proficiency, initiative, follow-through, & self-efficacy

Invest in a team that's engaged, innovative, collaborative, accountable, & trustworthy

The dynamic and innovative staff orientation that you have created has transformed the way orientations are run. You’ve definitely been an inspiration.
— Assistant Program Director, Kingsley Pines Camp
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Does this sound like your staff?

  • Unmotivated?
  • Cliques and gossiping?
  • More focused on socializing than mentoring?
  • Think “I won’t work here long, anyway.”

     Do you do any of these?

  • Micromanage so it's done right?
  • Hire extra staff for when people quit or get fired?
  • Spend too much time recruiting new clients and staff?
  • Ask "Why don’t they get it?"
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Imagine your OUTSTANDING TEAM...

Staff take initiative and handle problems the way you wish they would.

Staff handle co-worker issues directly, calmly, and respectfully.

Staff view their work changing people’s lives as the best part of their job; and their choices reflect it.

There is no "mid-season slump" and staff stay longer than usual because there’s nowhere they’d rather be.

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High retention of staff and clients

Customer loyalty and referrals

Positive, thriving work environment

Time AND Money (that you used to spend recruiting, marketing, & putting out “fires”)

Energy for your priorities and relationship building

Staff who feel valued and devote their energy to your clients & mission