Custom Training ... Every Time



Personal attention, small group of clients

Customized- every time

Engaging and unique activities

Life skills training with broad application

Ongoing support and follow-up


Limited attention and time

Motivational speeches

Packaged topics and tools

Job skills training for specific situations

Contract for training sessions only

“From the beginning, Katie’s communication with her clients exceeds expectations. It’s well-timed, clear, punctual, and applicable. Katie actually listens to the customer and gives them what they want in her own style. Her content has outcomes and motivates staff to transfer their learning to a larger group. She has encouraged me to find different ways to work with my staff and invite them to become part of the journey we’ve started.”
— Camp Director, Culver Academies and Summer Camps


Limited time available?                            I work around your schedule and maximize your impact.

Wish you could do more?                         Instead of tackling one issue at a time, tackle them all.

Your session running over?                      I’m flexible and can make adjustments on the spot.

Wonder what your staff are thinking?      I’ll observe them in action and I'll ask them.

Have issues or areas of growth?              I’ll focus on those and build your team.

Concerned about an outsider?                 My job is to build your culture and support you.