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These resources are some of the best materials I've come across about cutting edge organizations, successful business strategies, effective staff management practices, creating atmospheres of autonomy and community, and honoring diversity.   If you have ideas for other books, articles, or resources that should be on this page, or if you have contributions, please send them to katie@outstandingteam.org

  Seth Godin; Portfolio Trade, 2011.
    "Or, consider for a second: would you be more successful if your employees were more artistic, motivated, connected, aware, passionate, and genuine?  ...Given the chance, you should choose to be indispensable.  ...When work becomes personal, your customers and coworkers are more connected and happier.  And that creates even more value."  (p. 34-35, Thinking About Your Choice)

Drive: The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us  by Daniel H. Pink; RiverHead Trade, 2011.
    "Your best approach is to have already established the conditions of a genuinely motivating environment.  The baseline rewards must be sufficient.  ...Your nonprofit must be a congenial place to work.  And the people on your team must have autonomy, they must have ample opportunity to pursue mastery, and their daily duties must relate to a larger purpose."  (p. 66, and the Special Circumstances When They Do)
    "These bosses saw issues from the employee's point of view, gave meaningful feedback and information, provided ample choice over what to do and how to do it, and encouraged employees to take on new projects.  The resulting enhancement in job satisfaction, in turn, led to higher performance on the job."  (p. 91, Autonomy)

First, Break All the Rules: What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently  Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman; Simon & Schuster, 1999. 
    "Most people knew, for example, that strong relationships and frequent praise were vital ingredients of a healthy workplace.  However, they didn't know how to measure whether or not these ingredients were present, and if so, to what extent.  Gallup has discovered the best questions to do just that." (p. 29, The Measuring Stick)

Coaching for Improved Work Performance  Ferdinand F. Fournies; McGraw-Hill, 1999.
    "Concentrate on managing people's behavior, not managing people.  ...the key word is do.  Responsibilities are not actions; write down what people must do to meet a responsibility.  ...Once you list the behaviors, you have described perfect job performance; doing the behaviors is acceptable performance, not doing the behaviors is unacceptable."  (p. 52-53, Motivation- The Theories You Can and Can't Use)

Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?  Beverly Daniel Tatum, Ph.D., Basic Books, 2003.
    "While many people experience themselves as powerless, everyone has some sphere of influence in which they can work for change, even if it is just in their own personal network of family and friends."  (p.204, Breaking the Silence) 
    "We all need community to give us energy, to strengthen our voices, and to offer constructive criticism when we stray off course.  We need to speak up against racism and other forms of oppression, but we do not have to speak alone." (p. 205, Breaking the Silence)

Choice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom  William Glasser, M.D.; Harper Paperbacks, 1999.
    "To substantiate my claim that vast numbers of seemingly unsolvable human problems are relationship problems, take a look at your life and the lives of the people you know." (p. 13, We Need a New Psychology)

Click: The Magic of Instant Connections  Ori Brafman & Rom Brafman; Crown Business, 2011.
    "It's one thing to talk about impersonal things, such as the weather, with someone we've just met.  But achieving an emotionally engaged connection is entirely different." (p. 40, The Vulnerable Hostage Negotiator) 
    "To become present, we arrive with intention, we listen and mutually interact, and we remain in touch with our individual selves and
    attentive to the environment and those around us."  (p. 89, When Everything Clicks)

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